Sunday, 20 November 2016

Early Geek Xmas!

It was like geek xmas over the last week!

My Kickstarter pledge for a mate's model range came in, and this was followed the next day by my Nickstarter pledge of the latest Frostgrave supplement and a box of Barbarians (with some additional bits and pieces).

Once I work out how to post pictures I'll to get some up...

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Alright. a year and a half later...

The state of play! Again!
Well... firstly, there really isn't much. Between all the other responsibilities, games are unfortunately few and far between. I'm hoping to start painting again soon though?

Bolt Action:
Late war Germans are basically done, I have some more riflemen I figured needing painting, and a few bits of early war stuff to do. My Brits are still in the box, although now I have a pile of commando heads? The sock hat ones. My NZ desert rats are mostly still unassembled. I want to get a couple of 25pdrs, an MMG and a Mortar though...

I haven't even looked for so long...
The Dark Angels are going to get sold though. I found some old Attilan Rough Riders, and so am going to build a themed winter guard army out of them and Vostroyans.

Currently I'm 'backing' the Nickstarter for the Barbarians... so looking forward to that!

Got all my MERCS minis. Painting up the CCC and USCR first - hopefully for some MERCS 2.0, but initially for Recon (see below)

Yep. Still in boxes.

Painted, almost based... A fair bit of Guild, and some Arcanists. I should really get them finished and photo'ed... there isn't much left to do on them...

In a campaign, so that's fun. We only get to play every three months or so, so that's not so much...

Recon - dungeoncrawl style in near future corporate espionage set in the MERCS world. Love it.
A fantasy dungeon crawler got back on kickstarter, hopefully that's not too far away.
Exploding Kittens, Blood rage (love that game), Love Letter Batman, trying to get hold of Saboteur, Resistance and Ultimate Werewolf.

Kid friendly?
Have Mice and Mystics and Tailfeathers... really need to get myself organised so I can play those with my daughter...

I think that's it? I'll try to get some photos in the next week or so...

Monday, 10 October 2016

Oh good gigiddy!!

My last update was January LAST YEAR?!?!??! Goes to show time flies when you are super busy, stressed and sometimes lose the will to live.

Proper update this week. Promise.

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Armoured Fury unboxing incoming!

I have a plan for the next few months.
Just get something done January
French February (assemble and hopefully paint some French Napoleonics)
Malifaux March (try to get as much of my Malifaux stuff done)
Angels April (any Dark Angels still left... this is your month!)
MERCS May (I am assuming my MERCS kickstarter will have arrived by this time...)

That's all I have so far.  I'm sure I can work something out before June.  Even if it just to assume that nothing has worked and I should pack it in.


Thursday, 1 January 2015

2015. Day 2.

I think it might be time to try and take this a little more seriously than before.  So, without further ado...

The current state of Play:
I am 6 months into my Provisional Registration as a Psychologist (basically think an apprentice Psych).
My little girl is 5, turning 6.
I now own a 2014 Harley which gets ridden as often as I can actually get some time to myself.
My house still needs constant monitoring...

But the important bits!

Bolt Action:  
German army is basically done except the basing.
Belgian (British) are all still on sprues.
Armoured Fury and some extra bits are en route from Warlord.
Have a group I play with, but only semi regularly as they are a bit of a drive from me.

Black Powder:
Have some Perry's French line infantry and Hussars, and a couple of bits of Warlord stuff to make a small army, on the way.  Looking forward to a different painting experience.

Warhammer 40k:
Guard are slowly disappearing. selling off bits and pieces as I juts don't feel it anymore.
Dark angels are primarily base coated and I juts need to actually sit down and get onto it.
Orks... yeah. Still in boxes.

Mate's Kaeris crew finished.
Lady J and other Guild stuff base coated, need to sit down and just paint.
Friekorps undercoated.  Still need to decide on a scheme for them though.

So much sitting around.  So much to do.

Bought into the kickstarter for the board/mini game last year.  Just waiting for it to arrive. Between a mate and myself we have pretty much every faction coming... so that should be awesome!!

So that's it currently.  My aim is a weekly update.  And I want to actually post some pictures of what I have finished, which I might try and space that out so I actually have stuff to post for a bit.

Rock on peoples!

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Wow. I remember this exists!

So.  April 2013.  I am almost a year and a half through my part time study (and struggling), have a fair few Malifaux crews, a sizable Imperial Guard Army, an alright sized Dark Angels force, some unassembled Orks, Bolt Action U.S, and German armies (still unassembled, and some still en route from England).

I still have to get rid of my High elves, but I am thinking about getting them out real cheap.  Just to be rid of them.

I have done some gamer reflection and have to begun to wonder if my IG are really the army I want (hence the DA and Orks waiting in the wings), and have been getting some relatively regular Malifaux games in against a mate at work.  We use paper and bases (not allowed to bring in miniatures or buildings to my workplace).  We have a game coming up in about a week.  I should really start taking photos...

I also realise that no-one knows... or probably cares... about this blog.  I figure I'll keep writing it and eventually when I start actually doing some gaming stuff I will tell people about it (the blog that is) on Facebook or other forums/groups I am in then.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Sooo... September.

Yep.  Still nothing done.

Found out I have to study some more - My NZ degree isn't equivalent to the same here in Australia.  So that made my week.

Hobby wise - I have decided on my 2nd crew for Malifaux!!  Friekorps!  No idea what they do, or if they are easy hard or terrible... but they look cool!  And that is all that matters.

I'll try to actually post something useful shortly - pictures, some painting, some actual hobby...